July 27, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What’s your mission?   How is this site different?

Eclectic Parrot was founded on the assumption that the rise of digital media has increased the breadth of  musical exposure – even for casual fans –  through three factors:  a) the ability to cherry-pick album tracks for a dollar; b) the convenience of digital vs. physical storage; and c) the ease of illegal file-sharing and free listening via YouTube and other sources.

With the greater fluidity in personal collections the definition of “new music” has little to do with release date, but is instead an individual measure; thus, articles will be tagged by musical decade, with no qualms in reviewing older releases with a sense of discovery. As the tagline suggests, readers may find a folk review nestled comfortably near a classical recommendation.

The goal is to serve two broad constituencies:  1) those seeking a trusted review site covering disparate genres;  2) those who enjoy music criticism-as-literature.

Q – Describe your operation

Eclectic Parrot is managed by a single individual with a responsibility for an additional site: Keltner Channel Surf (financial humor blog) and an unrelated full-time job. Within these natural constraints, there’ll be no attempt to match larger sites with respect to volume. Visitors who find the site useful are are encouraged to subscribe to the RSS feed and follow on Twitter via @EclecticParrot.

Q – One person can't adequately cover everything.  What will be your areas of focus?

Of the available genres indie, rock, twee, folk, vocal, jazz and classical should enjoy the most coverage, with occasional musings on Top 40 from the Seventies. Conversely, you’ll not likely find anything on current pop, rap, metal, punk, electronic, classic country or currently popular alternative styles on these pages.

Q –  Do you receive any compensation from any of the articles?

Not directly -- all editorial decisions are based solely on perceived artistic merit. However, the site may elect to include product links to trusted vendors as an efficient means for readers to acquire the music reviewed, as well as other related consumer products. Though the price paid for these products is unaffected, a very small percentage will accrue to the site owner in affiliate fees, so those planning product acquisitions can help support the site by clicking the supplied links and ads.  Please review our Privacy policy with respect to external vendors.

Q – How can we contact you?

A form is provided in the sidebar that can be used to communicate.

Q – Your reviews of older works tend to be more glowingly positive.  Can one assume you’re hopelessly nostalgic and out of touch?

Is that your way of pointing out that I’m getting old? :)  In truth, the site's mission naturally leads to a two-tiered approach.  While it makes little sense to review a subpar 1987 release when there are other treasures to discuss, pointing out a disappointing recent release may be useful for those considering a purchase.

Q – Sounds a bit unusual, but I guess that’s all the questions I have to for now.

Thanks for stopping by.