August 6, 2013

Don't Say You Don't Know - Lost Homeboys

Best Song You (N)ever Heard

Lost Homeboys - Cloudberry EP (049)
Less than 15 sec. into “Don’t Say You Don’t Know” by Swedish indiepop outfit The Lost Homeboys you realize you’re on to something special:  lovely, infectious twee arpeggios arcing skyward over a searching bass line tellingly punctuated with a nervous, spontaneous snare, leading to a typically nonchalant, flat, thick, reticent Scandinavian vocal, the overall amalgam all summery, nostalgically wistful and achingly poignant.

It’s pointless to argue in the middle of a fire
You’ve made your decision, and it’s time to move on
So please don’t say “I don’t know,”
Rather, say “I don’t love you anymore”

You say you’re afraid of relationships, 
I say I’m afraid of what comes before

There’s not a ton of info available regarding this Göteborg, Sweden-based band, other than the fact that guitarists Gustaf Murman and Jimmi Thunholm are non-songwriting members of The Electric Pop Group, with Homeboys their chance to lead.  (This track is drawn from a 3-song EP released on Cloudberry a few years back.)  Three minutes of heaven is all you need to know anyway.

Cloudberry back catalog (EP still available as this goes to press)