August 2, 2013

Weekends Away - Math & Physics Club

Best Song You (N)ever Heard

"Weekends Away" EP - Math & Physics Club (Cover Art)
Easily one of the most essential American twee tracks, designed for hours of repeat-plays, Seattle artists Math and Physics Club employ lilting, summery, cascading guitar shimmers that imbue immediate feelings of warmth and nostalgia, buoyed halfway through by vibrato-laden organ chirps and matched by a heartfelt, in-the-moment lyric, Charles Bert’s nasal, introverted delivery charmingly backed by Saundrah Humphrey in select phrases.  Influenced by a grab bag of like-minded bands ranging from The Lucksmiths and Razorcuts to the Smiths and Belle & Sebastian, MAPC’s first record
was this 2005 gem which, like a well-constructed Tiramisu, dares you to resist, knowing full well you’ll inexorably, and quite happily, fail.

We're heading south on a moonlit night,
I rest my head on your shoulder and close my eyes
You've got your baggage and I've got mine,
We'll hide away with the coastline as our guide

Weekends away, just you and I,
I read the map, while you do all the driving

Purchase/download:  MatinĂ©e Recordings
Band Website:  MAPC