August 8, 2013

You Never Notice Me 7" - The Garlands

Best Song You (N)ever Heard

The Garlands "You Never Notice Me" 7" cover art
Sweden’s The Garlands were formed in 2007 by indiepop mavens Christin Wolderth and Roger Gunnarsson, with releases that have included a 2010 Cloudberry EP, inevitable singles and compilation appearances, leading up to their first self-titled long-player on the Shelflife label in 2012.  In the end, the 2011 2-song 7” vinyl release of “You Never Notice Me”/”Continue” remains their standard-bearer, with both the influence, and result, in a word simply “Heavenly.”  “You Never” breaknecks out of the gate in Usain Bolt fashion, with a bass line tighter than a duck’s rump, Wolderth’s celestial vocals both hovering above, and systematically driving, the punchy proceedings onward, flanked by powerpop drumming and fuzzy guitar jangling, leading to a wordless coda of angelic multitracked Christin’s recalling, quite intentionally, Heavenly’s “Three Star Compartment," clocking in at 2:11 but seeming all of 30 sec.

“Continue” equals, if not ups, the ante, with a catchy, circular guitar riff that tries to keep the tune spinning in place, but like a treadmill cranked to the highest speed it jolts loose, powered again by Wolderth, nearly the equal of Debbie Harry on Parallel Lines in her absolute command, the tune painted with more wordless harmonies and thrashed onward by Gunnarsson’s frenetic strumming, as a jockey directs a horse, toward another breathless two minute endpoint.  A double thick slice of a Big Pink Cake, achieving twee pop heaven.

Record Label (purchasers also get a digital download):  Big Pink Cake
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The Garlands new full-length album:  Shelflife Records