November 9, 2017

Black Tambourine - Throw Aggi Off The Bridge

Eclectic MixTape:  Track-of-the-Day

So throw her off the bridge
Just toss her in the drink
She's coming in between us
You know the girl I mean
. . . We both know it's got to be done

Perhaps the noisiest entry in the 90s ‘twee’ category (likely because the group was American), infamous not only due to the pithy lyric and later influence on noise-pop bands such as the Pains of Being Pure at Heart, but perhaps even more from the legendary, repetitive drum riff, an insanely quick “BAP BAP ba-BAP ba-BAP CRASH !” which I’m always inclined to play along with whenever I’ve had a caffeine overdose.

Unfortunately, as I don’t own a drum kit, I’ve destroyed 4 ½ Black & Decker toasters, as well as the muffler from a 2009 Honda Accord LX, trying to replicate this, rubber mallet in one hand, tree-pruning shears in the other.  In the event this might have a similar effect on you, you may want to completely enclose any nearby delicate objects (Tiffany lamps, wife, children) in a quality, commercial grade bubble wrap before clicking the PLAY button above.  Consider yourself warned …

(Silver Spring, MD – 1992)