November 7, 2017

Goat Explosion - Why Don't You Say

Eclectic MixTape:  Track-of-the-Day

Somebody tell me
is there a way for me
to destroy my reality?
Kiss me or kill me,
cause I've waited so long

Do you believe me?
Oh, can you see me?

The Drums founding members (and childhood friends) Jonny Pierce and Jacob Graham, even before a prior incarnation as ‘Elkland,’ were making synth-driven indie-pop, sans both the guitars and Smiths-Joy Division-Surf/Math Rock influences that would come later, under the short-lived name 'Goat Explosion.' 

Though that sounds quite messy, this particular track is rather tight, and punchy and infectious as influenza-A, taking nods from New Order (if first administered a case of 5-hour ENERGY), 90s dance club sensibilities and even a bit of late-80s MTV.  If better known, one suspects this might have wide appeal, both to synth- and indie-pop mavens.

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear any GE tracks are available for purchase, but thanks to diligent You-Tubers, this one, at least for now, has been preserved.

(Brooklyn, NY - 2004)