November 5, 2017

The Softies - Me and the Bees

Eclectic MixTape:  Track-of-the-Day

Take it downstairs, no one here cares
Take it outside, find someplace good to hide

Now it's just me … and the bees
In a cyclone of falling leaves

A track that wraps the listener in thick gauze that still allows shards of light, perhaps through half-barren branches as described by the narrator, as it shuffles and lopes along with an almost reluctant inevitability.  The distancing, insular effect makes it appear you’re eavesdropping, but before long you may find yourself deep in thought under a nearby tree (hopefully with no gas-driven leaf-blowers within earshot).

The band, usually just two gals, two guitars and two voices, here fleshes out the sound with drums (tastefully brushed) and softly hovering, reticent piano spirals, making it perhaps the most ‘sophisticated’ entry in an oeuvre that helped them attain sainthood amongst twee-pop cognoscenti.

(Olympia, WA – 2000)