Navigating the Site

A few things to keep in mind to help make navigating Eclectic Parrot easier:

  1. All articles are tagged under the following two dimensions:  time period by decade or century (1960s,etc.) and genre, with a current listing in the sidebar.  Top 40 is conceived as a kitschy “nostalgia” category that will focus largely on hits from the 1970s (thereby dating the site author, ah well).  Time period will be according to the music’s original release or composition, NOT the CD date (important for compilations/remasters and classical, for example.)
  2. Some entries are tagged in a third dimension indicating a special category, as follows:  Cover vs. Original (self-explanatory); Artist Profile (a detailed discussion of more than one recording by a single artist); Best Song You (N)ever Heard (quick analysis of a single track that will be familiar to some, new to others).
  3. The sidebar links allow for quick display of all articles in a single time period, genre or special category, as noted above, ~8 – 10 per page, as many pages as required. As the site is still young, a more robust search facility will be added after articles become so numerous that tags become unwieldy.
Thanks again for stopping by.